19 - 24 November 2017 – Vassouras – RJ - Brazil
Sponsors: Observatorio Nacional, UNAM, PAIGH, ....

We invite the community involved in geomagnetic field observations to attend the II PAN AMERICAN WORKSHOP ON GEOMAGNETISM - II PANGEO workshop to be held in Vassouras, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, from 19th to 24 November 2017. The main objective of this meeting is to organize Magnetic Observatory Practice and scientific sessions for professionals and students from three America’s and other parts of the world who are engaged in the study of geomagnetism. Also, this workshop aims to be an opportunity to improve the situation in Latin America concerning the definitive data production. At the II PANGEO we emphasize the participation of students. The Geomagnetic community is aging and students are seen as the future for our America. Several outstanding international scientists are being invited to give tutorials and review talks.

Topics of the School. The II PANGEO will consist of two parts: Geomagnetic measurements and scientific sessions. The following main topics will be discussed at the II PANGEO in Vassouras:

  1. Geomagnetic observatory practice
  2. Magnetic charts
  3. Secular variations
  4. Geomagnetism and applications
  5. Geomagnetic Instrumentation
  6. Space Weather
  7. Data processing
  8. Other topics


Observatory techniques
Definitive data processing and production
Repeat station techniques
Space Weather
Instrumentation demo: Scalar, (automatic) DIflux Variometers , …

Application for financial support:

Financial support applications should be made using the event homepage. The deadline for financial support is October 20, 2017. Priority will be given to students and professionals from Latin America engaged in Geomagnetism